Tuesday June 7th 2016

Research Poster Competition 2016

Title of posterNameAcademic UnitPrize category details
Winners (equal)
Emotional Experience of Students Garron Hillaire IET 1st Prize
Lantana camera in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve: mapping a plant invasion through time and space Tarsh Thekaekara Social Science 2nd Prize
Proof of ID? : Policing the night-time economy Heather Barrett MCT 3rd Equal
Going towards the soft and tangible with interactive sensory tools Emilie Giles MCT 3rd Equal
Other Category Winners
Big Data: all hype, no hit! Claire Brewis FBL Abstract Winner
Exosomes: The cellular social media! David Riog-Carles Science Peer Review winner
Evolution of the Indian Summer Monsoon Intensification Anouk Klootwijk Science Peer Review winner
"Boing Boing Like a Kangaroo" Linda Plowright FELS Peer Review winner
Communication breakdown: is Alzheimer’s disease caused by faulty blood vessels? Shereen Nizari Science Peer Review winner
The delivery of therapeutic sykokines into the CNS using Nanocarrie Conor McQuaid Science 'Peoples Choice' on-line winner

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