Tuesday June 7th 2016

Research Poster Competition 2016

These are the top 5 places from the online voting.

1st place
Author: Conor Mcquaid
Title: Delivery of Therapeutics into the Brain using Nano-carriers
29 votes
2nd place
Author: Theodoros Georgiou
Title: Walking to the Rhythm: Using rhythm to assist post-stroke gait rehabilitation
28 votes
3rd place
Author: George Alain
Title: Designing Technology To Provide Education To Children In Refugee Camps And Conflict Zones
15 votes
4th place
Author: Heather Barrett
Title: Got ID? Policing the night time economy
13 votes
5th place
Author: Konstantina Tzelepi
Title: Gold Nanoparticles. Magic bullets killing cancer?
12 votes
Total votes cast for all entries: 216 - last vote received 6 Jun 2016 11:41