Tuesday June 12th 2013

Research Poster Competition 2013

Title of posterNameAcademic UnitPrize category details
Category Winners
Drone Metal as Mystical Tradition Owen Coggins ARTS ARTS winner
Energy Demand Shifting in the context of Energy Micro Generation Jacky Bourgeois MCT MCT winner
What's eating the planet Mercury? Rebecca Thomas Science Science winner
Social Science/FBL/HSC
Sexualities and Reproduction in life-limited young adults in the United Kingdom Maddie Blackburn HSC Social Sci/FBL/HSC winner
eLearning for Ancient Languages Mair Lloyd FELS CREET/KMI winner
Pitch drift in a cappella choral singing Richard Seaton MCT Runner up
The Pipeline. How to turn broken astronomical data into a (potential) scientific discovery Jakub Bochinski Science Runner up
Secret Treasures of the Stars: Searching for knowledge with SuperWASP Marcus Lohr Science Runner up
image and PDF coming soon Making Tracks - a design studies approach to infrastructure debate Darren Umney MCT Abstract winner
Being There: Learning Science From Afar Marcus Brodeur Science Peer Review winner
People's Choice Competition
When I am laid in earth Nicky Harlow ARTS Peoples Choice winner

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