Wednesday June 10th 2020

Research Poster Competition 2020

These are the top 5 places from the 'Peoples' Choice Poster' online voting.
1st place
Author: Sana Ahmed
Title: Is the household food waste bin a source of potential health impacts?
24 votes
2nd place
Author: Praveen Karebasar
Title: Residual Stress in Polymer Composites - Characterisation using Contour Method
20 votes
3rd place
Author: Anushree Srivastava
Title: Was There Life on Mars?
19 votes
4th place
Author: Emily Dowdeswell
Title: Fun In Learning
17 votes
Equal 4th place
Author: Shi-Min Chua
Title: Starting a Conversation in Online Discussion
17 votes

All other entries in no particular order
Author: Julie Huynh
Title: Brain Matters
Author: Jacqueline Williams
Title: An exploration into the development of resilience in student midwives
Author: Lori-Ann Foley
Title: Is there ice on Mars?
Author: Alexandra Murray
Title: What does disability look like? Personal Independence Payments, Invisible Disability and Performing Disabled Identities
Author: Devyani Gajjar
Title: How can space technologies be used effectively for sustainable development?
Author: Kai Waddington
Title: Using deep learning to identify animals in camera-trap images for biodiversity monitoring
Author: Zoe Morland
Title: Mars' Moon Phobos: A better place to search for martian life than Mars itself?
Author: Freya Wise
Title: Reducing carbon emissions from residential heritage buildings while retaining their heritage values.
Author: Helen Usher
Title: Observing Rosetta's Comets: Ground-based Campaigns
Author: Victoria Bowskill
Title: Hay Days: Management of floodplain meadows for sustainable productivity
Author: Sam Aylett
Title: The impact of architecture and space on understanding historical progress at the Museum of London
Author: Barbara Roberts
Title: Amulets in late Roman Italy
Author: Nicole Woodhall
Title: The Social Harm of Self-Generated Indecent Imagery of Children and the Law Enforcement Response
Author: Charlie Whetham
Title: Vaccine Shots and Silver Bullets
Author: Mickael De Carvalho
Title: wtf: Killing gametes for more than 110 million years
Author: Grace Richards
Title: Looking for life: Unlocking the secrets of Enceladus' surface
Author: Emmanuel Zuza
Title: Does growing location and altitude affect macadamia tree yields?
Author: Claire Saunders
Title: Building a community of writers in a university
Author: Agnese Chiatti
Title: Robots with Common Sense - Improving Sensemaking in Service Robotics
Author: Lois Damptey
Title: Next generation smart portable solar fuel purification system for local communities in Ghana, West Africa
Author: Abiola George
Title: The role of diaspora women in the inclusive development of Nigeria's service sector
Author: Barbara Spicer
Title: All About Eve - Evolutionary Anatomy of a Literary Translation
Author: Kevin Mcconville
Title: Professional Identity Formation in Becoming a GP Trainer – Barriers and Enablers
Author: Martino Mensio
Title: One Event, Different Stories
Author: Adelheid Thiemann
Title: Red Giant Binary Stars: A new discovery?
Author: Christian Cooke
Title: Inertia, Stability, and the Future Grid
Author: Ganiat Kazeem
Title: Risk prediction and decision making in policing - Humans, Algorithms and Data. (A study of processes at Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire police)
Author: Rachael Hamp
Title: Could there be life on Enceladus?
Author: Michelle Oldale
Title: 'I wish they would have brought it up!': Towards meaningful conversations about size in psychotherapy.
Author: Maxim Lamirande
Title: Inclusive Design of Buildings, Spaces, and Artefacts
Author: Bryan Hopkins
Title: Sustainable organisations and how people learn to create them
Author: Laura Patterson
Title: Suicide Stories
Author: Lesley Boyd
Title: Using learning networks to drive module improvements in the Open University - a personal and professional journey
Total votes cast for all entries: 324 - last vote received 9 Jun 2020 10:25