Tuesday June 9th 2015

Research Poster Competition 2015

These are the top 5 places from the online voting.

1st place
Author: Steve Kelsey
Title: A Phenomenological Study of People Without Homes and their Labour
75 votes
2nd place
Author: Heather Barrett
Title: Technology in Modern Policing: The Introduction of ID Scanners in the night-time economy
36 votes
3rd place
Author: Claire Wanless
Title: Can postmodern religion survive?
19 votes
4th place
Author: Katarzyna Krzyzanowska, Chris Mansell, Michael Copley-May, Calum MacCormick, Silvia Bergamini
Title: Quantum Computing with Cold Atoms
18 votes
5th place
Author: Rhian Chapman
Title: Investigating the Martian atmosphere using the ExoMars 2016 lander
12 votes
Total votes cast for all entries: 266 - last vote received 8 Jun 2015 11:21