Tuesday June 12th 2012

Research Poster Competition 2012

These are the top 5 places from the online voting.

1st place
Author: Natalie Canning
Title: What factors contribute to children's empowerment in child-initiated social play?
26 votes
2nd place
Author: Pratima Chennuri
Title: Role of DNA Damage in Ageing: Whole organism study in Drosophila (fruit fly)
20 votes
3rd place
Author: Marcus Lohr
Title: Variable Stars and Stellar Mergers
18 votes
4th place
Author: Andrew Agyei-Holmes
Title: Capital Goods in the Agricultural Sector and Poverty Reduction in Tanzania: Should Farmers Look to The West or to The East?
17 votes
5th place
Author: Rishikesh Sinha
Title: Design innovation and the role of socila media in the fashion industry
16 votes
Total votes cast for all entries: 268 - last vote received 11 Jun 2012 12:55