Friday June 5th 2009

Research Poster Competition 2009

These are the top 5 places from the online voting from the 2009 competition.

1st place
Author: Benjamin Rozitis
Title: AstEx - An Asteroid Zero Gravity Experiment
18 votes
2nd place
Author: Elizabeth Jean Hartnett
Title: Many hands make a project work
15 votes
3rd place
Author: Stefan Holmes
Title: Observing SuperWASP Transiting Exoplanet Candidates with PIRATE
7 votes
4th place
Author: Caroline Julie Moore
Title: The Stretched Generation- Caring for Children and Elderly Relatives in the Same Time Frame
7 votes
5th place
Author: Ross Adam Grieve Davidson
Title: working EX PATRIA: identifying variables critical to successful assignment completion.
7 votes
Total votes cast for all entries: 100 - last vote received 4 Jun 2009 11:12