Wednesday June 11th 2008

Research Poster Competition 2008

These are the top 5 places from the online voting from the 2008 competition.

1st place
Author: Thomas Anthony Farrell
Title: Advertising Ethics : The Case of Violence in Advertising
25 votes
2nd place
Author: Andrew Kevin Richard Morris
Title: Have You Ever Wanted To Be A Superhero
11 votes
3rd place
Author: Vincenzo Abbate
Title: Novel Organosilicon Biotransformations
10 votes
4th place
Author: Joseph James Williams
Title: Human and climate impacts on tropical Andean ecosystems
8 votes
5th place
Author: Rebecca Catherine Wilson
Title: Virtual Satellite Becoming a Reality?
6 votes
Total votes cast for all entries: 108 - last vote received 9 Jun 2008 15:45